About Us

TBRA stands for The Business Referral Association, and is dedicated to building business growth via word of mouth referrals.

What is the Business Referral Association (inc) able to do for its members ? To assist in providing a system that increases member’s business directly through quality word of mouth referrals AND to ensure regular informative talks are held on each member’s business activities and how member’s can help each other AND to give member’s the opportunity to promote their own business/s in a similar function. This is achieved by Member’s attending meetings on a regular basis this helps increase the getting to know you process – which also increases the quality and number of referrals – along with the ability to communicate to and with other business people with similar goals. Business problems can also be discussed amongst members to get ideas from other member’s on solving issue/s within business. As it is a collection of like minded people wanting to build business the most effective ways possible, many member’s understand the strains and isolation of what being in business for yourself can mean but through the sharing of like minds and goals, the club member’s can assist in alleviating this and through ongoing communication an atmosphere of fellowship can evolve.

If you are interested in sharing in some of these referrals, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..